Finding Hope In The Mist Of Toxic Debt.

This age-old situation of people or organizations with money offer companies “HELP” at very selfish interest rates continues. Countless micro-cap companies have succumbed to offers of financing at some point with the idea of expansion. It sounds great…at first. All a public company has to do is meet their monthly payment obligations and their financier won’t convert the stock they are holding and sell on the open market. Most venture capitalists will tell you they are friendly and won’t be too aggressive in how they sell your stock, but ultimately it seems that this is only to comfort you into closing on the financing that will make them a ton of money and leave your company worse for ware. You may be like me and feel that in our day and age people’s impulse to have things right away has found more and more companies falling into this TOXIC trap. They call it toxic financing for a reason. These “Start-Ups” begin with 1 million shares outstanding and end up with over a billion shares outstanding within a few years time and wonder why they are trading at .000 something a share. At some point, you have to ask yourself…Is this how I want my company to end up?. The answer is always no, but it’s so hard to see how quickly things get out of hand when a venture capitalist is flashing a few million dollars in your face. The other thing they don’t tell you is after they finance you they will also introduce you to “Friendly” people who will help you use the money wisely….only to find out they are better at helping you spend it and ultimately not provide the quality of services you need.

I could go on, but I’m not here to be like everyone else. There is a solution to this and it is not the easiest of situations to overcome. You can have hope however that you can get out from under this position if you are already there, or keep yourself from going further into it. Please don’t be disillusioned in thinking there is a “quick fix” because there isn’t. It will take time, but at least there are examples to follow of successful companies who have done this before you. You are not alone. J Ramsdell Consulting will work with you to see you through this tough transition, connect you with other CEO’s who have been there…and back, as well as give you a few tools you can use to counteract this “pit of despair”.

One such example of a triumphant return to freedom after the convertible debt is AmpliTech Group Inc. (OTCQB: AMPG). CEO, Fawad Maqbool did what most companies only dream of and painstakingly purchasing shares in the open market, and paying off all of his convertible notes. AMPG is now a profitable company with a lot of upside potential. You can find out more about Amplitech Group Inc by going to or check out their company profile at

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