Good photographers are able to capture that exact moment of an expression that will move your soul and cause you to feel, relate, and get lost in the image. It is a rare art that deserves more credit than it currently gets. You see images all around you for marketing, branding, wallpapers on your computer, and other various places, but do you ever stop to think…”Who captured this shot, and how long did they wait for that perfect moment?” Don’t worry, most people don’t. We are all caught up in the routine of our individual lives. I can only hope that all this that read this STOP and take the time to appreciate the beautiful images they see knowing that without the talent of the photographer, they would never have been able to see it. So if your not able to visit France, go to Greece, or vacation in Bali…you can still be transported there in a moments notice through a photographer that has gone places we may never get to go and captured the heart and soul of the land and its people so you can share in the beauty all around us.

Photography…The art of capturing moments, emotions, and life itself that others may see their beauty.   Joshua Ramsdell