Taking back your time is money.

Hey there everyone,

Glad you have taken the time to read my short blog post. I hope it encourages you to seize the day and put “time” first. Let me explain…

When talking with a colleague the other day, I noticed that one of the most common phrases I hear when I ask people how they are doing is, “I’m crazy busy” or “Constantly on the go”, like it’s a badge of honor. This has caused me to think carefully about what really matters. Does being busy all the time mean I am having the best life I can? Do I feel happy when I don’t have any time to enjoy life?

I propose a revolutionary idea to each of us. What if we simplify our lives a little and only invest time in the things that are giving us a return like we do the marketing for our businesses? Do the extra few hours at the office give you peace? Will going out to the bar help you find balance and inner strength? They say doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insane. I don’t believe those that have taken the time to read this fall into that category. It’s one of the practices I use with my clients. Removing the things that are not giving you a return puts the power back in your hands to find new ones that do. Let’s flip the script.

Take a moment for yourself today and get a blank sheet of paper or create a word doc and put a list of the things you spend your time doing down. Briefly note how much time you spend at each one of them, and ask yourself if each one is giving you a return on investment. Asking yourself, “Is this adding something positive to my life?” is a real gut check, but it will give you clarity. Don’t worry, I am asking myself the same things right now. We are in this together. Let us remove the things in life that are holding us back and SPEND our time investing in the things that do.

I want to hear from you about the type of things you removed and the success you found from doing it.

Comment below and I promise to write back. We are all in this together.

$GMGI, Golden Matrix Group Inc, A Real Game Changer for Investors.

For the past year and a half, I have watched $GMGI, Golden Matrix Group Inc. (Company Website), grow from having toxic debt no money and a tiny revenue stream to a company that looks to be uplisting very soon to OTCQB. They have paid off all of the toxic notes brought on by old management, increased revenue and profitability for the last 7 quarters strongly, and now have a sizeable amount of cash on hand. This is largely due to the new management sticking to their business model and putting their nose to the grindstone.

Short term flippers may complain they don’t put out enough news to build the hype, but they have a real business with real growth and do not look to do as every other OTC company has done for many years. They are now standing out as a long term investment that more seasoned investors are looking very hard at. It appears they are in a good position to make a sizeable acquisition that could change their valuation considerably and not have to dilute the company’s shares to do it.

Golden Matrix Group Inc, is in the digital gaming space and offers their proprietary games and gaming technology to casino operators in the Asian Pacific region. They also glean revenue from multiple licensing deals with much larger companies in the same space because of the new GM-X gaming platform they launched a year ago in August 2018. What a beautiful chart they have.

This stock is well worth doing your DD on considering a serious position before they take the next leg up. In my humble opinion.

Follow them on Twitter: @GMGI_Group and Instagram: GoldenMatrixGroup


An In-House Team Approach On Social Media

Let’s not keep from addressing the elephant in the room. Social media seems daunting to a lot of companies for many reasons. To mention a few…fear of how to maintain control, concerns of “What will people say?”, finding room in the budget, and thoughts of how much time it may take to do it. Companies have good reason to ask these questions but don’t because they have been pitched so many times being told it will cost a fortune by service providers who make it seem like an unattainable goal to handle themselves.

I have good news…unless your a company with disgruntled employees it is far less expensive to keep it in-house. Working in situations like this is one of the unique approaches we at J Ramsdell Consulting take. We feel that instilling the right tools companies need to succeed in marketing and teaching them how to use them with effectiveness will render the best ROI they can find. Have no illusions about it, there is some work involved, but once the groundwork is laid their company will reap the benefits for years to come. They often find themselves saying, “If only I had done this sooner”.

It’s always good to have an example to follow, and I have one such company in mind. Most recently we began working with a new company, Zenergy Brands. They see the power in social media marketing and are taking the needed steps to “keep it in-house”, so join us in following their journey from the beginning.

Zenergy Brands provide energy conservation, smart controls, and efficiency-based products and services to commercial, industrial and municipal end-use customers. That’s a lot of techy lingo for, their smart system manages utilities and reduce cost. Win, win huh? We think so. Check them out at www.zenergybrands.com and follow them on social media to see how things progress.

Twitter: @ZenergyBrands

Instagram: @ZenergyBrands

YouTube: Zenergy Brands