Photographers Excitement About Fotofy


What is all the buzz about?


Here is a little snippet of why Fotofy is growing so fast and Photographers all over America are getting involved finding out about the company.

Imagine if the music world had found a way to monetize people pirating their music, or sharing it for free with their friends. There wouldn’t be as many starving artists and the industry would not have seen such a revolutionary change between 2012 and now. Fotofy has come up with a unique way to correct the same issue for the photography industry. Now that we see so many copyright infringement cases and images plagiarized all over the internet it was the photographers that were taking the monetary hit. Leading the charge and offering a creative way to overcome this problem is Fotofy. They allow photographers to create portfolios on their site and upload their images for review. The photos that are accepted are made readily available to website designers, bloggers, and social media enthusiasts giving them the ability to embed professional images for free. THE CATCH…the images are theft deterrent, and able to be tracked anywhere they go on the internet. With Fotofy’s Data Analytics photographers can see realtime the number of impressions the images get, where they can are on the internet, and how many click-throughs they have. Fotofy is launching its ad platform on November 1, 2019. Advertisers will be able to put their money where their mouth is…and it pays to be able to place advertising on images. Images get 94% more views than all text ads, and now the advertising can be integrated into the images directly. This is a revolutionary concept! Photographers will reap the rewards the more their images are shared and used. All that being said, Fotofy is not being greedy about things. They are going to split the ad revenue evenly between the publishers, the photographers, and “The Company”…Win, Win.

Read below for more details…or if your a photographer register with this link. Register With Fotofy

Fotofy images are free.

Freely access hundreds of thousands of embeddable photos to create stunning websites, blogs, social media posts, stories, email communication, forum posts, and more. Update your online stories as often as you like using our curated photo collection.

Fotofy images are safe.

Embedding our images provides a legal way to utilize premium content while respecting creators’ rights, including the opportunity to generate advertising revenue from the traffic you generate from your website. View our Terms of Use and the Fotofy License.

Fotofy images are secure.

All photos are theft-deterrent, but always shareable. Know where your Fotofy images are online at all times through your profile page on the website. Set up a profile page here.

Fotofy images are always trackable.

Fotofy photos are tracked in real-time for impressions, click-throughs and online locations. All advertising revenue is paid to both the publishers who embed the photos and the content creators who created them. Acces every location your image has been shared.



We scan each specific webpage where Fotofy images are found, then place contextually relevant, in-image ads across each photo.


Fotofy photos are then tracked in real-time for impressions, click-throughs and online location. This information is found on the user’s profile page.


Fotofy pays both the publishers and content creators from all advertising revenue generated.

An In-House Team Approach On Social Media

Let’s not keep from addressing the elephant in the room. Social media seems daunting to a lot of companies for many reasons. To mention a few…fear of how to maintain control, concerns of “What will people say?”, finding room in the budget, and thoughts of how much time it may take to do it. Companies have good reason to ask these questions but don’t because they have been pitched so many times being told it will cost a fortune by service providers who make it seem like an unattainable goal to handle themselves.

I have good news…unless your a company with disgruntled employees it is far less expensive to keep it in-house. Working in situations like this is one of the unique approaches we at J Ramsdell Consulting take. We feel that instilling the right tools companies need to succeed in marketing and teaching them how to use them with effectiveness will render the best ROI they can find. Have no illusions about it, there is some work involved, but once the groundwork is laid their company will reap the benefits for years to come. They often find themselves saying, “If only I had done this sooner”.

It’s always good to have an example to follow, and I have one such company in mind. Most recently we began working with a new company, Zenergy Brands. They see the power in social media marketing and are taking the needed steps to “keep it in-house”, so join us in following their journey from the beginning.

Zenergy Brands provide energy conservation, smart controls, and efficiency-based products and services to commercial, industrial and municipal end-use customers. That’s a lot of techy lingo for, their smart system manages utilities and reduce cost. Win, win huh? We think so. Check them out at and follow them on social media to see how things progress.

Twitter: @ZenergyBrands

Instagram: @ZenergyBrands

YouTube: Zenergy Brands