Metavesco Sweeps the Floor of Good Gaming’s MicroBuddies Water Bear Collection

CUMMING, GA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2022 / Metavesco, Inc. (OTC PINK:MVCO) (the “Company”), the leading publicly-traded Web3 enterprise, is pleased to announce the latest corporate investment in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Upon the first of ten anticipated releases, entitled the Water Bear profile picture (PFP) mint, in the Genesis Collections created under the MicroBuddies™ brand by Good Gaming, the Company immediately began “sweeping the floor” of the collection. “Sweeping the floor” is an NFT investing strategy where a buyer purchases all or a large number of the available NFTs in a project at the lowest level possible, or “floor price,” set by the owner.

The strategy is centered on identifying promising NFTs and acquiring a percentage of the collection speculating that the NFTs will experience a spike in popularity and, subsequently price, as demand increases. Bored Ape Yacht Club and Goblintown represent two prime examples of NFT collections where perspicacious investors that made an early entry were rewarded with a handsome return on investment as prices skyrocketed with publicity.

The Genesis Collections are designed to assist Good Gaming create cross-platform functionality back to its MicroBuddies™ base game as Good Gaming expands its reach across different popular gaming platforms, including Minecraft and Roblox experiences. For Metavesco, the purchases complement the Company’s growing portfolio of digital assets related to the metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

“We acquired a small collection of NFTs that we believe remains under the radar of the general public that has tremendous upside owing to their aesthetics and functionality,” commented Ryan Schadel, Chief Executive Officer of Metavesco. “With every investment we make, albeit in a smaller project like the Genesis Collections or a mega project such as Yuga Lab’s Otherside, we expect to build corporate value with the added benefit of supporting fellow Web3 companies. What Good Gaming is doing by connecting its game with others is leading-edge technology and we’re thrilled to own part of the collection at rock-bottom pricing.”

More information on Good Gaming and its collections are available at:

About Metavesco

Metavesco is a publicly traded web 3 enterprise. The Company generates income as a liquidity provider and invests in promising NFT projects and virtual land, primarily on EVM protocols.

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$GMGI, Golden Matrix Group Inc, A Real Game Changer for Investors.

For the past year and a half, I have watched $GMGI, Golden Matrix Group Inc. (Company Website), grow from having toxic debt no money and a tiny revenue stream to a company that looks to be uplisting very soon to OTCQB. They have paid off all of the toxic notes brought on by old management, increased revenue and profitability for the last 7 quarters strongly, and now have a sizeable amount of cash on hand. This is largely due to the new management sticking to their business model and putting their nose to the grindstone.

Short term flippers may complain they don’t put out enough news to build the hype, but they have a real business with real growth and do not look to do as every other OTC company has done for many years. They are now standing out as a long term investment that more seasoned investors are looking very hard at. It appears they are in a good position to make a sizeable acquisition that could change their valuation considerably and not have to dilute the company’s shares to do it.

Golden Matrix Group Inc, is in the digital gaming space and offers their proprietary games and gaming technology to casino operators in the Asian Pacific region. They also glean revenue from multiple licensing deals with much larger companies in the same space because of the new GM-X gaming platform they launched a year ago in August 2018. What a beautiful chart they have.

This stock is well worth doing your DD on considering a serious position before they take the next leg up. In my humble opinion.

Follow them on Twitter: @GMGI_Group and Instagram: GoldenMatrixGroup


Terror In The Midst of An Active School Shooting.

It is a very sad time in American history right now where parents are mourning the loss of their children across our nation. The current rise in active shooter situations is staggering. There have been 18 occurrences since January 1st which is mind-blowing. I only hope schools can find out about Lamperd Less Lethals products in time to prepare before another incident rears its ugly head.

Millions of people talking about solutions, arming teachers, and changing legislation to protect our children as they attain their educations. There are many things to consider when it comes to being in an actual situation. How will you really respond when bullets are flying, children are screaming, and chaos is everywhere? It’s not as easy as people think. The fight or flight responses individuals posses have been untested, and it’s hard to duplicate a situation that will cause you to feel imminent danger when there is none.

Since 2005, Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (OTC PINK: LLLI), an innovation leader and manufacturer of advanced security solutions for law enforcement, military, and other users worldwide. ( has been researching, developing, and manufacturing products to save lives in these types of situations. It is their belief that it is a bad idea to arm teachers with guns. The potential for other students to be injured when they engage with the shooter, or the inability to aim accurately when the overwhelming adrenaline rushes in an actual situation is far too dangerous. They have developed what many think is the safest and most effective option for school situations.

Their pepper blast product ( provides the ability for teachers to keep students safe and render the attacker harmless with a simple pull of a pin and a toss down the hall in the general direction of the shooter. The Pepper Blast covers a 20 ft area with a cloud of product that will instantly cause serious impairment to the shooter’s respiratory system and eyes for up to 10 minutes. This will allow the staff and students time they need to escape, and an afterthought potentially subdue the shooter. The cost of the pepper blast products are very low and they are able to be stored in a lock box in each classroom for ease of access. Due to the overwhelming response of calls and interest the company has received from organizations and schools within the United States they have announced making efforts to help open a new Pittsburgh assembly facility for its new Pepper Blast product.

As an individual, parent, teacher, student, or an investor or trader, I would ask myself “Why haven’t I heard of this sooner?” or “How can I help others in my area find out about this?” Together we can make a difference. It takes the voice of many to create the change we need and I feel that Lamperd Less Lethal offers that change. Find out more about the company as soon as you can.  I have provided links to where you can get more information above and challenge you to use them. Share the conversation and spread the word. Let’s help keep our children safe.

Finding Hope In The Mist Of Toxic Debt.

This age-old situation of people or organizations with money offer companies “HELP” at very selfish interest rates continues. Countless micro-cap companies have succumbed to offers of financing at some point with the idea of expansion. It sounds great…at first. All a public company has to do is meet their monthly payment obligations and their financier won’t convert the stock they are holding and sell on the open market. Most venture capitalists will tell you they are friendly and won’t be too aggressive in how they sell your stock, but ultimately it seems that this is only to comfort you into closing on the financing that will make them a ton of money and leave your company worse for ware. You may be like me and feel that in our day and age people’s impulse to have things right away has found more and more companies falling into this TOXIC trap. They call it toxic financing for a reason. These “Start-Ups” begin with 1 million shares outstanding and end up with over a billion shares outstanding within a few years time and wonder why they are trading at .000 something a share. At some point, you have to ask yourself…Is this how I want my company to end up?. The answer is always no, but it’s so hard to see how quickly things get out of hand when a venture capitalist is flashing a few million dollars in your face. The other thing they don’t tell you is after they finance you they will also introduce you to “Friendly” people who will help you use the money wisely….only to find out they are better at helping you spend it and ultimately not provide the quality of services you need.

I could go on, but I’m not here to be like everyone else. There is a solution to this and it is not the easiest of situations to overcome. You can have hope however that you can get out from under this position if you are already there, or keep yourself from going further into it. Please don’t be disillusioned in thinking there is a “quick fix” because there isn’t. It will take time, but at least there are examples to follow of successful companies who have done this before you. You are not alone. J Ramsdell Consulting will work with you to see you through this tough transition, connect you with other CEO’s who have been there…and back, as well as give you a few tools you can use to counteract this “pit of despair”.

One such example of a triumphant return to freedom after the convertible debt is AmpliTech Group Inc. (OTCQB: AMPG). CEO, Fawad Maqbool did what most companies only dream of and painstakingly purchasing shares in the open market, and paying off all of his convertible notes. AMPG is now a profitable company with a lot of upside potential. You can find out more about Amplitech Group Inc by going to or check out their company profile at

Contact me for a free conversation to see how you can start re-directing your company’s future in a positive direction.